Final Week in Costa Rica

Quick Thoughts on Costa Rica

  • It's gorgeous
  • Shit is expensive
  • Many places are very commercialized
  • It's very safe and laid back
  • Don't bother with weather apps - you just never know if it's going to rain or not
  • It gets brutally hot on the Pacific coast, and the air is much cooler once you head into the mountains, e.g. Monteverde. 
  • Be prepared for sand to get into everything. I mean everything. 
  • Don't stay at resorts where only other gringos go; you may as well just go to Florida. Seriously. 
  • Don't be afraid to negotiate. I suck at it, and pretty much always forgot to try, but you totally should. 
  • Make sure you eat a typical Costa Rican breakfast with fried bananas if you go. It's very damn good. 
  • Bring some probiotics and ginger; you never know when you're going to need that shit. 
  • The people fall into a few different categories, as far as I can tell (I know, people are more complex and all that, but I'm just going off of my tourist experience). 
    • Category 1: You, the tourist, are only walking money (especially if you are confused looking walking money).
    • Category 2: You are a fellow human being and part of the family after a few minutes of conversation. 
    • Category 3: You don't really exist. 
    • Category 4: You're someone to be acknowledged and treated with fundamental dignity, but we ain't friends. This is what I'm primarily used to in the states, but it really fluctuates a great deal in Costa Rica, depending heavily on where you stay. 

A Bit About My Last Week

For my last week, I decided to rent a car and explore before going to the airport. Somehow I wound up in Tamarindo again, which is cool but heavily commercialized and has about as many gringos as Wyoming at any given time. I know this probably doesn’t sound like a lot considering the population of Wyoming, but cramming the population of white people into a small Costa Rican town is some feat indeed. The cool part about it is that I met some great people from Quebec. Seriously, I didn’t know people from Quebec were so damn cool. Max and Patricia, you 2 are such an incredible couple. Keep being who you are, because it is awesome!

Next up was Puntarenas, which was much less touristy I felt. Everyone spoke mainly in Spanish, and nobody tried to sell me anything (unless I didn’t hear them or didn’t notice – I get pretty immune to people marketing shit to me on the street. It was just chill. If you’re a runner like myself then you’ll appreciate the long boardwalk which stretches for a few kilometers or so. I stayed at a hotel there, and the guy who ran the place told me that southern Costa Rica is the most beautiful part of the country and that it’s not commercialized like practically every other part. I think it was around Isla Violin maybe? Maybe Potrero? I really need to start writing things down. 

Then I went over to Manuel Antonio. There’s a decent beach there in front of the national park, but it really is just decent. The beaches inside the park are much better, though I didn’t see any surfboards for rent, so there’s that. I ended up staying at “Que Tuanis” hostel, and as far as hostels go it’s pretty damn awesome. The owner is a great dude who does business the right way; he doesn’t do it purely for profit and makes sure that the guests are very well taken care of. The breakfast at the hostel was the best breakfast I had during my whole month or so stay. I totally recommend it. I met some great guests there too, namely my new friends from Philadelphia and New York. One of the dudes from Philly was going to get marrried in a few weeks, so they were in bachelor party mode. I joined them for one night, and it was pretty crazy and awesome. If you want to know about it, PM me ; )

I was pretty spoiled with the last car I rented. It had a great stereo system, and I could plug my iPhone into it so that I could charge the phone while using Google Maps and jamming to spotify. There were some American moments in Costa Rica in that car, where I sang along to Jimmy Eat World songs or who the hell knows, and it was pretty damn cool. I got to the point where driving in Costa Rica was just pretty alright. 

I’m way behind in updating this blog. I know this. Life, oh beautiful and treacherous life, has gotten in the way, and I’m grateful for it. To give you an idea of how far behind I am, I’m now in Buenos Aires, and I still haven’t written about my time in Brazil.

Holy shit I have videos to edit! Damn I have music to record and edit and promote! I have to find a good tattoo artist here in Buenos Aires and decide what tattoo I’m going to get.  There is much to do, and I feel like I need to hire a team. Maybe someday, someday maybe. 

I ordered a beer at the restaurant where I wrote this, and instead of being a standard beer, it turned out to be a pretty large bottle. I hope this post makes sense. Patagonia is a nice refreshing beer. Time do walk this food and beer off. Next up I should have some posts about Brazil, Buenos Aires, and some short how-to articles. The how-to articles will be succinct, and I think Google may appreciate some more focused articles.