Perspective is Everything

This is a re-written portion from the post Life, Lunacy, and Passion: 10 Things To Think About as You Wander Through Life.”

I want you to imagine something with me for a moment.

It’s okay, you do have a moment to spare, even if the to-do list in your mind starts screaming at you.

Imagine you’re at work and suddenly a translucent bubble gently floats past your eyes and settles right next to your keyboard (or frying pan, tractor, surgical device, baton, etc).

The bubble doesn’t burst; in fact, it appears to be robust and teaming with activity, and just…sits there.

Rather than going through your 170 emails after coming back from a weekend, you decide to take a closer look.

What you see makes you question your sanity.

In the bubble is a tiny world not unlike earth in a solar system also closely resembling ours, but instead of having eight (or nine, whatever), it has five planets and two suns. You look around to see if anyone else is seeing this but quickly go back to the bubble as it grows bigger and bigger. Suddenly everything is zoomed in and you can see what’s going on in the planet.

You are unable to pull your eyes away from the spectacular phenomenon in front of you. Beings that look like a cross between a human and a manatee are walking (and hopping) around. We’ll call them Humanatees.

You can see that they’re going about their lives in much the same way that humans on earth go about their lives; kind of in a state of terror or drunkenness, and sometimes with love and affection.

You quickly find that in this bubble there appear to be some major differences with regard to time; the Humanatees only have 1 day to live, which is 60 seconds in our time.

It is heartbreaking to see the beings born, grow old, and die within a minute’s time. What is even more heartbreaking is this: the beings mostly don’t even enjoy themselves. For most of the 60 seconds you witness the following:

The majority of the milliseconds are spent doing things for other Humanatees, the latter of which appears to own and govern most of the world’s riches.

It’s weird to you because they end up killing each other over the riches, which in all honesty just look like little plastic frisbees to you.

“Why would anyone in their right mind kill someone over a frisbee?” you wonder aloud to no-one in particular.

Some of the Humanatees put on smart robes and declare things about the meaning of life and act very important and ask for money to continue looking and acting important and providing Answers to Things.

Then others do the same, only they provide similar but different Answers to Things and wear robes that flow differently… and then…then they kill each other over differences in ideas.

You are astounded.


Some poor beings end their own lives at 20 seconds.

You can barely handle it, and start weeping uncontrollably because it’s all just so absurd.

After you compose yourself, take a sip of water, and continue to not look at your emails, you then go back to the bubble.

Unfortunately, you continued to be horrified, but not in the same shock and awe sort of way. You noticed that most of the Humanatees have a blinding obsession. It is the obsession of blending in and living life only as deemed appropriate by peers, parents, or those who wear robes and provide Answers to Things.

You also notice that a very very small percentage of Humanatees own 80–90% of the world’s wealth, AKA Plastic Frisbees. To you, you could see how absurd it was; 60 seconds and everyone is dead, so why the hoarding? Couldn’t they see how asinine it all was? Couldn’t they see that whatever power any of them felt they had was such a farcical delusion that it was beyond laughable?

It wasn’t all dismal, however.

There were some who seemed to go outside of the construct created, realizing that their lives were over really really quickly. Some decided that they would do whatever they had to in order to make the most of their 60 seconds and even help others out during their short lives. This was heartening to you, as bittersweet as it all still was.

Suddenly, as though the universe realized that something was happening that absolutely should not be happening, the bubble disappeared with a grand but mellifluous whoosh.

You sit. Stunned. You decide to leave for the day. You wonder where everyone else is but ultimately don’t care.

You decide that maybe the emails aren’t that important and that you’d rather enjoy the sunshine and time with your loved ones while you can…

Obviously, this is a loose analogy of how we behave during our own short time here. Consider how time itself is merely a construct, and that within this construct we are alive for a fraction of a fraction to the tenth power of it.

This is sobering, right?

It is not, I realize, a simple thing to just throw off all of the superfluous stuff that drives us. We have society at large, our DNA, our upbringing, our particular circumstances, heartbreak, death, war, poverty, riches, health, illness, etc.

The main point I want to get across here is that we should always strive to look at everything from a proper and healthy perspective. This means that no matter what you or I may be going through at the present moment, we can weigh it against this fact:

Someday, maybe soon, maybe later, you and I are going to die.

Let this one sink in. Breathe it in and let it resonate in your lungs. It can burn, but the high is worth it.

I like to make it a practice (mainly because my brain likes to take things way too far) to weigh circumstances, thoughts, emotions, hurt, pain, happiness, regret, anxiety, fear, and everything else against this absolute truth.

Once this is realized, it’s really important to BE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT and DO what we need to do in life so that we don’t end up on our respective 60th second wondering just why we didn’t even attempt to live the life we wanted to live.

I urge this gently with urgency to you, myself, and the Humanatees, just in case they exist somewhere in the universe.

Thank you for reading, and yes, you can check your email now…or not.